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Vince McMahon has given up on WWE Raw star Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander VKM

The burial of WWE Raw Superstar Cedric Alexander continues. If you recall, Dave Meltzer reported back in September that Vince McMahon made the call for him to be buried and it is clear now that he has given up on Alexander.

Paul Heyman is a fan of Alexander and that is the reason why he was getting nice push for a couple of months on Monday Night Raw. At one point, he was teaming with Roman Reigns and featured in matches against AJ Styles. Then, things turned south in September and Alexander lost a quick pre-show match to AJ Styles and the lost again on the following night on Raw.

Many people, including Alexander, denied that this was a burial. However, during the last couple of months, he has not appeared much on Raw TV and on the shows he has appeared, he's lost matches to Buddy Murphy and Andrade.

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On this week's Main Event tapings, it became crystal clear that he is on the low end of the totem poll because he lost to Mojo Rawley, who just happens to be another WWE star that creative has nothing for at the moment.

If you are a long-time WWE fan and can see the booking patterns then you will know that once McMahon loses confidence in someone and decides to bury them, it's very hard for that wrestler to come out of that. At this point, it does not seem like there are any plans to do anything meaningful with Alexander. Everything I've heard about him is that he is well-liked backstage and I have not heard of anything that he might have done to rub people the wrong way so it looks like McMahon simply cooled off on him.

Currently, WWE is pushing Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet as two of their "up and coming" babyface stars. Hopefully, their push lasts longer than the push they gave Alexander.

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