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Vince McMahon has his eye on at least two WWE NXT stars



It could be a while before we see NXT call-ups to Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown but Vince McMahon has said some good things about a couple of their top stars so we'll see them on Raw or SmackDown sooner than later.

McMahon is a fan of Keith Lee and Matt Riddle. He may have others who he likes but he was overheard by a source praising Lee and feels like he could be a powerhouse heel whenever he gets called up to Raw or SmackDown. Lee is someone who is liked by everyone in the locker room and he has a bigger chance than most of the NXT roster to succeed because of his size. It doesn't hurt that people on creative like him so he has a lot of people behind him.

Another name who has been given praise by McMahon is Matt Riddle. Although some people would criticize him for being too outspoken, McMahon likes him and recently compared him to a young Shawn Michaels.

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A source told me, "Vince like guys like Shawn who have that rebel mentality and he sees some of Shawn in Matt. Matt can rub some people the wrong way but he's a good guy and he will do great when Vince calls him up. I think he's a future world champion. Vince will try to tweak him but his personality will get him far."

In related news, McMahon also feels that the recent invasion angle has breathed some life into Raw and SmackDown and people behind-the-scenes are pleased with how they've been able to close the ratings gap between NXT and AEW in recent weeks. Although Triple H has indicated that they would be going back to a hard brand split after Survivor Series, others are skeptical.

One source told me, "how can you not do it again? What if [AEW] wins on Wednesday? So they are just going to do business as usual? I think we'll see more crossover stuff on NXT if ratings drop this week."

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