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Vince McMahon has made changes to some WWE Backlash matches



It's been just a couple of days since it was announced that Paul Heyman was removed as the head of creative on Monday Night Raw and changes are already happening with the Backlash card.

I was told this morning that McMahon has already made a change to the finish of one match and some ideas that were planned for other matches have also been scrapped or tweaked. I was told that there were changes made on the SmackDown side too but most of the ideas scrapped were from the Raw side.

According to the current internal match line-up, the Kickoff show will feature United States Champion Apollo Crews vs. Andrade. WWE has yet to officially announce that match for the Kickoff show but that is what is listed right now internally. Crews and Andrade are two guys that Heyman was trying to push.

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There is some concern among people on the roster about bigger changes that could be coming in the next few weeks as McMahon feels that a big shakeup is needed to get the Raw ratings back up. McMahon knows that COVID-19 is a major reason why ratings have dipped to all-time low levels but he also feels that some of the wrestlers that were pushed by Heyman will never be ratings movers.

A WWE source told me, "Vince put up with some of Paul's ideas for a while but then Vince would kill off so many good ideas and anyone who has watched Vince and Paul's interactions knew that this arrangement was not going to last very long. Paul seemed stressed out around Vince."

I was told that we should expect to see more brand crossover in the coming weeks with more SmackDown stars appearing on Raw to prop up the ratings.