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Vince McMahon has nixed plans for multi-tiered version of WWE Network



After years of talk about WWE doing a tiered version of its streaming service, WWE Network, those plans have been changed.

Currently, WWE offers a free version of the network while there is also the paid tier at $9.99 per month. Dating back to 2016, there have been talks that WWE would offer various pricing plans for the network with each tier having different content.

Originally, the idea was that the tier structure would see a free plan that would include a limited amount of content. The current tier is the version that everyone has been using since the network launched.

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Finally, there were plans to launch a top-tiered plan that would include content from independent promotions that they have a working relationship with such as EVOLVE, who has since gone out of business.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon has scrapped the idea of going for a multi-tier system that would include the higher-priced version.

McMahon isn’t a fan of that idea anymore and therefore it was dropped. It should be noted that McMahon changes his mind all of the time and this could change.

Just last July, it was noted on the WWE investor conference call that the tiered pay plan for the WWE Network would be coming sometime within the next 12 months. Thus, a year later, WWE is only offering free and paid versions of the network.