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Vince McMahon hates a favorite pro wrestling chant

Vince McMahon is a peculiar individual. After all, all he does revolves around sports entertainment and he’s spent his entire life making sure everything is to his liking. But it turns out there’s one activity that most fans love but it probably makes McMahon grumble and curse every time. Apparently, he hates the “one fall” chant during a match’s introduction.

While there are probably chants  McMahon hates more than other like “CM Punk” or “boring” apparently this is one fan-favorite chant that really grinds his gears and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason why.

One fan posed a question on Twitter by saying, “There must be a specific reason why they aren’t letting announcers do the ‘one fall’ for the matches” and Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer had a rather interesting reply.

So the next time you’re at a WWE show and you want to yell “one fall” after the announcer like you’ve done countless times before, you might need to take a second to really consider what you’re doing there. After all, you never know who you could be upsetting with that popular chant. Then again, if you’re cool with upsetting Vince McMahon, then go on ahead.

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