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Vince McMahon is giving a big push to a returning WWE Raw star

WWE (composite)

WWE (composite)

Jinder Mahal's babyface turn after returning from injury came as a surprise to some fans but there a reason for the turn.

When Mahal was given a main event push in 2017 and the word on the reasoning behind the sudden push was that they wanted to expand into India.

In March 2020, WWE and Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) announced a five-year extension. As part of the deal, SPN will get rights to Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT. The deal also includes all pay-per-view events and rights to WWE Network content which will be available on SonyLIV, the OTT platform for SPN.

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This is the reason behind his recent push. Previously, when he won the WWE Title Mahal was still a heel in the United States but a babyface when he wrestled in India. This time he will be portrayed as a babyface to their entire fanbase. Also, as part of the deal, WWE will return to India at some point when travel restrictions are lifted and the idea is to have Mahal headline those shows.

The India TV deal is very important to the company and the belief is that the announcement of the new deal is what led to a stock increase in March. So if you are a fan of Jinder Mahal then you can expect to see more of him in a prominent spot on WWE TV in the coming months.

Mahal returned to action on April 27 on Raw after being sidelined with a knee injury. He was previously on the SmackDown brand but was moved to Raw last fall as part of the draft.

Here is Mahal's promo from Raw where he talks about redeeming himself after making mistakes in the past.