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Vince McMahon is happy with current WWE product, feels that there is nothing to fix

During a recent PWInsider Q&A, Mike Johnson was asked why the WWE product feels so stale and bloated right now, especially with their thin talent base.

It was noted that with the exception of a few names like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, the talents have stilted dialogue and they are not presented in the best way possible.

Johnson said that WWE doesn’t “fix” their problems because Vince McMahon doesn’t think there’s anything to fix. “In his mind, he doesn’t think anything is wrong,” Johnson said. Johnson also noted how WWE made a billion dollars last year and that gives McMahon many reasons to shrug off the critics.

Johnson continued, “We are told he pushes and presents what he likes and wants and nothing else makes a dent in that vision. That’s why the shows are presented the way they are and that’s why nothing is going to change anytime soon, if ever.”

So, for those of you hoping to see changes to the shows, don’t look for that to happen. At one point, NXT was seen as the alternative brand but these days, a lot of the main roster style of booking is making its way into NXT 2.0 so if you are looking for alternatives then you would have to look outside of WWE at companies like AEW, Impact Wrestling, and Game Changer Wrestling, among others.

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