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Vince McMahon is reportedly hiding WWE WrestleMania plans from talent

Only two matches have been announced for WWE WrestleMania 37 and not much is known about the plans for the rest of the card.

It turns out that even the wrestlers are in the dark on what Vince McMahon has planned for the show because things are being kept a secret more so than in previous years.

Ringside News is reporting that a memo was sent out to producers to tell them to not share creative details with the talent. They were also told that Vince McMahon or Bruce Prichard must be notified before any information is shared with one of the talent.

RSN adds that this policy essentially eliminated feedback from talent in regards to their angles. Talent feedback was previously considered during the creative process but that is no longer the case.

Basically, this is being done to avoid leaks about the WrestleMania card and plans for the show. A WWE source stated that “very few talents know where they’re headed for WrestleMania.” This edict is said to have a lot of the talent “on edge.” and that the work environment is at “an all-time low.”

Now with there being so many people on the roster, more of the talent will be left off WrestleMania so not knowing what the plans are is a real concern for many.

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