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Vince McMahon made changes to match finishes just hours before WWE WrestleMania went on the air

Over the weekend, we noted that Vince McMahon’s idea to close out WrestleMania was to send the fans home happy. We were told last week that there were people in the company pushing for Edge to win the Universal Championship by pinning Daniel Bryan. That would have set up a singles rematch between Roman Reigns and Edge at the next pay-per-view or sometime during the summer. Plans changed and Reigns was booked to pin Edge and Daniel Bryan at the same time.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the finishes for several WrestleMania matches were changed just hours before the show.

Alvarez said, “I was told a couple of finishes were changed on the weekend of the show.”

Meltzer said, “I told you about two of them the last day…Two of the major matches – one finish was done on Saturday and the other was on Sunday. One of the finishes, the Randy Orton finish was changed on Sunday, hours before the show. I think there were at least three finishes changed.”

Alvarez said, “I know of two and one of them you told me and that wasn’t one of them and then the Randy one. That would be at least four that I know of.”

This is not uncommon but it’s still baffling that all of the finishes for some of the biggest matches on the biggest show of the year are not locked in weeks ahead of time.

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