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Vince McMahon made changes to WWE Raw while the show was on the air


These days, it's no surprise to hear about late changes on the day of a WWE TV show but this week, there were changes being made while the show was on the air. This was discussed on Tuesday's Wrestling Observer Radio.

"I hear this was a disaster in the back," Bryan Alvarez said about the final segment of the show.

Meltzer responded, "Not a disaster, just very disorganized, it was just a lot of things changed as the show was going on. That’s all, you know."

He continued, "Disaster is a funny word because when I watched the show, I never thought ... the only thing on the show I thought was a disaster was the 24/7 stuff. The rest of it was just normal stuff. Apparently, backstage it was extremely disorganized and things were being changed as the show was going on. Matches were changed and maybe that’s why Baron Corbin got pinned."

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It's interesting that Corbin took the pinfall because he is currently advertised to wrestle Seth Rollins on 6/23 for the Universal Championship at the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view.

Bryan Alvarez noted how the writers work so hard during the week and then Vince McMahon just changes things on the day of the show and, this week, changes were made while the show was on the air. He suggested that Vince McMahon should just give them time off since he is going to change the script.

"They keep some of the segments," Meltzer said. "It’s not like they nix everything. They just change some percentages of it because Vince is on a whim. What are you gonna do? I have no explanation for this. Yeah, it just is what it is. WCW used to be like this."

Luckily for WWE, they have the high paying TV deals or they would be in a similar position as WCW in the late 90s.

The good news for WWE this week is that the Raw viewership did increase for Brock Lesnar's return so some of what they did this week helped to keep viewers tuned in more than they have in recent weeks.