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Vince McMahon made changes to WWE SmackDown Live while the show was on the air

Vince McMahon

As noted on Tuesday afternoon, the entire SmackDown Live show was rewritten just hours before the show took place.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon rewrote the show because he felt that the original script did not do a good job at following up on the storylines from the previous week. He also felt that the show did not build SummerSlam strongly enough.

Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff have been working together on the show but, at this point, Bischoff doesn't have much to do with the creative part of the show since he's just learning the current WWE system.

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What's crazy about the late changes this past Tuesday is that Vince McMahon was still working on changes for the second hour of the show while the first hour of the show was taking place.

Long-time fans may remember that this is what was happening during the latter years of WCW. Oftentimes, wrestlers would show up to the arena and they would not know what was happening in their segment until the show was already started.

It's unknown if the final segment with Roman Reigns was a late addition but it came across that way because it looked like something that was rushed in production. For those of you interested in finding out who attacked Reigns and what the plans are for him, click here to read the spoiler update.