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Vince McMahon makes the call to bury a WWE Raw star



There was a lot of speculation on Sunday night about Cedric Alexander's push after he was quickly beaten by AJ Styles on the pre-show of WWE Clash of Champions. It was expected that he would lose but it was surprising to see him treated as an afterthought. On Monday night Raw, Alexander lost to Styles again and then he was attacked after the match.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that he was told that Vince McMahon wanted to bury Alexander. Perhaps, McMahon has plans for him later but it certainly does not seem that way and it's not looking good for him. Meltzer said, "I was told last night that Vince McMahon wanted to bury him."

Alexander was one of the guys that Paul Heyman wanted to give a bigger push to so that is why this burial comes as surprise to some people.

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If you've been following Vince McMahon and wrestling for a long time then this should not come as that much of a surprise because, as it's been said many times in the past, McMahon is known to change his mind a lot and Cedric Alexander is not someone he would have gotten behind on his own.

Speaking of Vince McMahon, he was not backstage at Raw but he still oversaw the show. Another big backstage person was also not backstage. Click here for more details.