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Vince McMahon movie script has leaked and you’ll never guess who McMahon met at a strip club

We have seen a copy of the early script for “Pandemonium,” the movie on the life of Vince McMahon that was recently picked up by TriStar Pictures. There’s no other way to put it other than that the script is awful but there is hope for the movie because WWE Studios is now on board so everything you are going to read below will likely be rewritten. WWE and McMahon wanted nothing to do with the movie when it was first pitched last summer and I can see why.  Most (if not all) of the items below were in the original script but are fiction.

– The movie starts in 1969 before McMahon got in the wrestling business. He was a door-to-door salesman.

– Jim Crockett plays the role of Eric Bischoff (huh?) and Ted Turner is portrayed as the main bad guy. Keep in mind that Turner had bigger fish to fry and didn’t really have a vendetta with McMahon in real life.

– Vince meets Linda McMahon in a strip club where she was working as a waitress. In reality, she was working as a receptionist at a law firm.

– Vince feels that Hulk Hogan needs to get bigger so he introduces him to Dr. George Zaharian so he can get on steroids. There is also a Hulk Hogan sex scene.

– The movie portrays the early WWWF years as a very old time wrestling company that had trouble selling tickets (not true). Vince Jr. would urge his father to take the entertainment route because people don’t care about wrestling as a sport.

– Vince went to a Led Zepplin concert and that is when he realized that wrestling needed to be like that (with the lighting, music, etc).

– Vince eventually buys out his fathers company for one million dollars.

– The script has Vince Sr. passing away in 1994 during the steroid trial. In real life, he passed away in 1984.

– Shane and Stephanie are bullied in school because of what their father is going through with the legal trial so they end up beating up the bullies.

– Vince found the Junkyard Dog while he was a construction worker.

– Roddy Piper was in jail when Vince found him.

– Jimmy Snuka was doing porn when Vince found him.

– Andre The Giant was the owner of a French restaurant. Vince then brings him into the wrestling business. The funny thing is that Andre was in the business long before stepping foot in the WWWF.

– Vince and Randy Savage talk about how young women love Savage. Savage tells Vince that he would never think of touching his daughter.

– The movie completely skips over the Attitude era.

The script was written by Craig A. Williams in 2015. WWE Studios’ Michael Luisi and Adam Goldworn of Aperture Entertainment will produce the film. There’s no word on when production will start or a release date.

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