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Vince McMahon nixed plans to have Dominik Mysterio wear a mask

Vince McMahon feels differently than Rey Mysterio on Dominik wearing a mask as part of his character.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer that Rey (his name means King in Spanish) wanted his son to wrestle with a cool costume and mask under the name Prince Mysterio.

Remember, we noted back in 2018 that Rey trademarked the name Principe Mysterio (Prince Mysterio) for his son so he had that name in mind for at least a couple of years, if not longer than that.

Meltzer said that McMahon decided not to have him use that name and not to wear the mask.

There is still hope from Rey and Dominik’s side that they will be able to transition into the Prince Mysterio character at some point.

Rey told ESPN last month that he feels it can be done but they would have to be creative with it since fans have already seen Dominik wrestle without the mask.

“We actually talked about it. He definitely has to continue with the Mysterio dynasty. It’s in his genes,” Rey said. “I think we’re going to incorporate that eventually and create a good story so the fans can understand the rich history behind lucha libre and the masks.”

Dominik said, “I definitely want to wear one, but it has to be introduced properly.”

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