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Vince McMahon not happy about word getting out on Rusev and Lana’s engagement

As most of you know by now, TMZ reported this past weekend that Rusev and Lana got engaged last month after he proposed to her in the backyard of their house by the swimming pool. Fans were able to figure this out before the TMZ story because photos got out on social media showing Lana with an engagement ring on her finger.

The real-life engagement was revealed to fans during the same week Summer Rae proposed to Rusev on Raw so, in the eyes of WWE management, this screwed up their storyline. Nevermind the fact that WWE goes out of their way to tell you that they are scripted entertainment and they constantly have their wrestlers out in public breaking kayfabe and the people at the very top can play heels on TV but they are portrayed as the nicest people in the world when they are featured in media interviews and charity appearances.

The real-life engagement was known by WWE management but, as noted in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Vince McMahon was not happy that it got out even though they were aware that TMZ was going to break the story. Again, part of a WWE Superstar’s role is to maintain character on social media but, as I already noted, the rules don’t always apply to everyone.


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