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Vince McMahon not happy, Triple H said to be "furious" about CM Punk's comments

Bryan Alvarez has news on the WWE backstage reaction on what CM Punk said on Colt Cabana's podcast. Alvarez said that virtually everybody that listened to what Punk said thought it was awesome. Punk has fans and detractors in WWE. When Punk left there were some people that were happy because Punk was so unhappy towards the end of his run. Punk admitted on the podcast that he was tired of telling people to "F*ck off." Alvarez noted that even people that were not fans of Punk were fans of a lot of the stuff that he talked about on the podcast. There are a lot of people in the company that are afraid to ask questions to management and those people were happy that it was laid out on the table on the podcast because a lot of what he said are things that people are afraid to say to management (issues with pay, etc).

Alvarez says that Vince McMahon is upset but not "fuming." Alvarez said that it's very unlikely that McMahon will talk about this in depth on Steve Austin's podcast on the WWE Network. Of course, it's all up to Vince so he could always change his mind.

Triple H is "furious" and wants to "kill Punk" according to a text that Alvarez received from someone in the company. Alvarez noted that Hunter and Stephanie McMahon have such a hatred of CM Punk. Colt Cabana s said to be on WWE's "sh*tlist" and the company is extremely unhappy with Colt Cabana as of today. Most of the wrestlers are not tweeting about this so there may be a company directive given to them about this. I highly recommend that you listen to Alvarez' news update on Punk and the backstage reaction by clicking on the player below.

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