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Vince McMahon once called Dave Meltzer because he thought Lance Storm died

You may have heard some funny and crazy Vince McMahon stories over the years. Here’s a new one.

Several years ago, Vince McMahon thought Lance Storm died and he even called Dave Meltzer to talk to him about it.

Storm discussed this on Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez. Storm told the story after someone on Twiter asked what was the fakest thing that was reported about him. He noted that Wikipedia had him listed as being dead a couple of times. Then he went on to tell the story about the time Vince thought he was dead.

“It was 2010 [and] I was on vacation in Ontario actually,” Storm said. He noted that he didn’t know Meltzer well at the time and had only met him once at Alvarez’s wedding.

Storm continued, “I got a message from Dave [Meltzer] and he let me know that Lance Cade had passed away but said that it was this really weird thing … He’s like ‘I got home and checked my answering machine and I had a message from Vince McMahon.'”

Meltzer told Storm that it was odd because he had not spoken with McMahon for several years before this voicemail. The voicemail said that Meltzer should call to talk because McMahon heard that Lance Storm died. Storm continued, “Two messages later on his machine was another message from Vince that said it was the wrong Lance [and] it was Lance Cade, don’t worry about it you don’t have to call.”

Storm wondered what specifically about his ‘death’ would motivate Vince McMahon to call Dave Meltzer. Storm said he got along well with Vince and maybe his passing would have touched (affected) him more. Storm also joked that maybe Vince thought that if Lance Storm died young from drug problems then the industry is in big trouble. For those of you that don’t know, Storm’s reputation is that he has never touched a drug in his life so it would be a huge shocker if he died young from drugs.

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Storm also told the story in a Twitter thread. Check out the tweets below:


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