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Vince McMahon planning a big feud for WWE Raw star?

It turns out that there’s more to the importance of Kevin Owens’ return to WWE television.

Of course, Owens took a hiatus from WWE for a few weeks due to him not being comfortable with the safety measures in place at WWE TV tapings. This led to him going to Vince McMahon and pushing for the company to enforce a mask policy, which was put into place. He detailed his side of the story in a new interview, which you can read here.

It turns out that Owens is in a very important position right now due to the current landscape in WWE. So much so that he could be in line for a big push back to the main event.

Dave Meltzer was talking about Owens’ role in WWE enforcing the mask policy on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. This is where he noted that Owens being back on television and willing to work the TV tapings is actually very important because he’s the back-up plan for a current feud.

WWE has booked an Eye for an Eye match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio at WWE Extreme Rules. The only way there can be a winner is if the wrestler pulls out an eye of his opponent.

Mysterio has been working without a contract with WWE. Despite this, WWE is still using Mysterio on television. Mysterio has been working on the same terms as his previous deal with WWE that was supposed to be for 18-months.

Meltzer stated that if Mysterio doesn’t sign a new deal then WWE would go back to a program between Owens and Rollins. He noted that if Mysterio does sign a new deal, it may still be Owens vs. Rollins in a new program going forward after Extreme Rules because Owens is figured high on the card.

Meltzer pointed out how this direction for the two stars was revisited on Monday’s episode of Raw as they wrestled a match.

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