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Vince McMahon puts blame on Sasha Banks for how Hell In A Cell match ended

Part of the reason why the Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks match seemed to not go as planned is because of one of the last spots in the match. Vince McMahon is apparently putting the blame on Banks, according to one person in the creative mix who heard Vince’s reaction to the match.

Banks was supposed to go through the table and then get pinned after getting hit with Charlotte’s natural selection finisher. I don’t see how it’s Banks fault and the table didn’t break because she doesn’t weigh 200+ pounds like most of the male roster. They did try the spot twice but the table still did not break.

There are people in the company that are sympathetic to Banks and the feeling is that she could have risked getting a ton of heat if she had called an audible and kicked out of the pin. Someone in the company noted that it should have been up to the referee to call an audible and instruct Charlotte to at least grab the tights or come up with something else and there was also a feeling that Charlotte should have celebrated more after the win.

You have to wonder why that match went on last since they weren’t going to put Banks over in her hometown. The decision to have Charlotte win was Vince’s call.

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