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The Wall Street Journal's Joe Palazzolo is reporting that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has reached a settlement with former referee Rita Chatterton. 

The story notes that Chatterton agreed to get paid a "lesser amount" than what she was asking but what she will be getting is in the "millions of dollars," according to people familiar with the matter.

"Mr. McMahon denies and always has denied raping Ms. Chatterton. And he settled the case solely to avoid the cost of litigation," McMahon's attorney Jerry McDevitt said in a statement to the WSJ.

Chatterton's lawyer John Clune declined to comment on the matter and WWE has not responded to requests for comment.

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Chatterton alleged that she was raped by McMahon in the back of a limousine in 1986. She did not go public with the story until 1992 because of her parents being in ill health but she spoke on Geraldo Rivera's show after her parents passed away. The allegations were later backed up by former WWF wrestler Mario Mancini. He stated on his podcast that Chatterton told her about what McMahon allegedly did to her on the day after the alleged incident.