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Vince McMahon really likes and appreciates certain WWE star

Although Chad Gable fell short of winning this year’s King of the Ring tournament, that doesn’t mean that WWE officials are not behind him. 

Gable lost to Baron Corbin in the tournament finals on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Thompson-Boling Arena. WWE followed up with Gable attacking Corbin on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live. 

Dave Meltzer of noted that although “Gable is doing this gimmick that screams undercard babyface, we’re told Vince [McMahon] really likes and appreciates him and considers this a push.”

Meltzer noted that the short jokes made by Corbin are not designed to make fun of Gable but rather Mcmahon thinks the jokes will make fans get behind Gable to help him be a bigger babyface. 

Time will tell whether Gable’s push continues as McMahon is known for start and stop pushes with babyface talent. 

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