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Vince McMahon reportedly agrees that WWE’s system is broken and changes need to happen

Many wrestlers in WWE listened to what Jon Moxley said last week on Chris Jericho’s podcast and it’s clear that most are in agreement that change is needed in WWE.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, several wrestlers confirmed to Dave Meltzer that Moxley was being honest about the company and what he said is hardly a secret, aside from some details on what he personally went through.

Meltzer noted that even people in the company who don’t personally like Moxley had nothing negative to say about what was said on Jericho’s podcast and not one person has disputed what was said.

Another person in WWE who was not close to Moxley said that he felt like Moxley is someone who couldn’t be happy and that what was said about the broken WWE system is very honest. In fact, many in the company will acknowledge that the system is broken and even Vince McMahon realizes that.

The question now is what will McMahon do to fix the broken system as they head into the fall? As noted earlier this week, one of the things McMahon is trying is to make the third hour seem edgier. Mick Foley said earlier this week that McMahon wants to bring back some of the Attitude Era into the third hour. Click here for more on what Foley said.


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