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Vince McMahon reportedly felt that Karrion Kross was not over, had plans to repackage him again



There was another attempt to repackage Karrion Kross before it was decided that he needed to be released from his WWE contract.

Dave Meltzer stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon pulled Kross from WWE TV because he felt that he wasn't getting over and people within the company said that he was going to get repackaged for the third time.

When he was in NXT, Kross was pushed as the top star of the brand with the idea being that he would eventually become a main roster superstar because of his size and physique.

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Kross lost matches as soon as he was moved to Raw and then was repackaged with a costume that looked like something that Demolition would have worn in the 1980s. The gimmick did not go over well with fans and that was when McMahon decided to pull him off TV. McMahon reportedly felt that the helmet gimmick did not click with fans.

Kross jokingly responded on Twitter to a fan who asked about the helmet: "Nobody wants that piece of s**t brother. 😂"