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Vince McMahon reportedly had an issue with The New Day’s return on an episode of Talking Smack

There are more details on the cancellation of Talking Smack in the recent edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter. It turns out that Vince McMahon made the call to scale back on the show (it’s not completely canceled because it will still air after pay-per-views) because he was not happy with the 7/11 show. Also, the numbers for a fresh live show were not considered to be that good.

Granted, the numbers for 205 Live are not great either but if they canceled that show then it would ruin the cruiserweight division. It’s a shame that McMahon felt that he had to pull it as a weekly show because the show allowed wrestlers to get over their personality with unscripted promos. Many would argue that Talking Smack did more for The Miz in one night than creative has done for him in years.

Although Sports Illustrated reported that McMahon was not happy with the show and believed that it was not on the company’s interest, a WWE source denied the story and noted that the show was not canceled and if he really did cancel the show for that reason then why keep airing it after pay-per-views?

McMahon apparently had an issue with the 5/23 Talking Smack Show. A WWE source told Dave Meltzer, “Despite all rumors, Vince doesn’t hate Talking Smack. Also, he does not watch it but gets a weekly report about it every Wednesday. The one thing he didn’t like was when the New Day appeared right after Kofi (Kingston) got cleared (the 5/23 episode). That was technically their Tuesday night debut and Vince felt the first Tuesday appearance should have happened on Smackdown.”

Renee Young and Jerry “The King” Lawler will host the show after the Battleground pay-per-view.

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