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Vince McMahon reportedly shut down several of Shane's ideas at the WWE Royal Rumble



The story from Ringside News about Shane McMahon no longer being with WWE is accurate. At this point, he is gone but it's unknown if his talent contract was terminated. Shane was not working in an executive role for the company and has not done so for years.

PWInsider reported that there were plans for Shane to be a regular on Raw as a heel to lead into a match for WrestleMania. Shane was also supposed to be part of the Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia but was replaced by Austin Theory. Shane was not at Raw on Monday as he was originally booked to be.

It was also noted by PWI that Shane had pushed to work with Austin Theory at WrestleMania but that idea was never locked in 100 percent. There were also forces pushing for Shane McMahon vs. Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and at one point, Rollins was supposed to enter the Rumble match and there was a sequence laid out to set up Rollins vs. Shane. Rollins was ultimately pulled from the Rumble match.

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In regards to stories of Shane taking heat for the numerous changes to the Rumble match, the stories have been confirmed by several outlets and Shane was said to be "obviously frustrated" on the day of the show because of the belief that some of his ideas were shut down by Vince McMahon. The talk backstage was that Shane "wasn't being allowed to do what he wanted" and he was "greatly preoccupied" by his own role in the Rumble. This confirms Ringside News' reporting that there was a lot of heat on Shane for worrying more about booking the Rumble around himself. It was also said that Shane is taking the brunt of the heat for the poor reception to the Men's Rumble match.

WrestleVotes tweeted, "This Shane McMahon story could ripple effects for years to come. It goes beyond anything that may or may not have happened Saturday night."

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