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Vince McMahon says WWE will change for the better when he's gone

As we first reported earlier this week, Sean Hyson interviewed Vince McMahon this past December for the March 2015 issue of Muscle and Fitness that is available on newsstands now. Yesterday we posted a couple of excerpts from the issue. Here's more on what was covered in Vince's interview. The article on Vince starts off with a brief overview of professional wrestling and how it morphed from a fringe pseudo-sport into sports entertainment.

The article notes that Vince is currently at 240 pounds and hovering at 5% body fat. Vince talked about starting weight training at 14 years old and how he got his first set of weights from Dr. Jerry Graham. Vince talked about training Mark Henry once and said Henry could not keep up. Henry told that story in a previous issue so it appears to be true. Vince said, "I pretty much decimated him on that last giant set. I almost felt sorry for him, but he challenged me." Vince goes into more detail in the interview on what happened that day with Henry.

Vince also talks about always wanting to be an in-ring performer but it was not something that his father would allow him to do. He talked about growing up dirt poor [in a trailer park in North Carolina. He talked about how it bugged him that there were people out there that would look down on people like him and think they were better than him. He says that he doesn't associate with rich people. He's said this in past interviews too and in the past has said that the Mr McMahon character was the total opposite of who he is and the Stone Cold character was modeled after Vince himself. He pretty much said the same thing in this interview.

On what happens when he's gone: "I think when I kick, the organization is going to change, and I think for the better."

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Other notes from the interview:

- Cell phones are not allowed in the WWE corporate gym
- Muscleheads that growl in the gym are shown the door
- He likes Oreos and can eat an entire box of them
- He trains up to seven days a week, sometimes twice a day

Vince also talks about his physique and whether it worries him that it might make the wrestlers look small, his fitness and nutrition regimen, reaching a personal best 700 lb squat AFTER his double quad tear, more on the WWE corporate gym, advice for WWE Superstars, trying to get The Undertaker to break character, his favorite WrestleMania moment, and more.

This interview has received a good amount of mainstream press and WWE plugged it with photos on Smackdown this week so this should be one of their best selling issues.

The new (March 2015) issue of Muscle and Fitness is available now.

Muscle and Fitness
Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness

Muscle and Fitness