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Vince McMahon still wants a 'Hair vs. Hair' match on a future WWE show



Per the match stipulation at SummerSlam, Sonya Deville is now gone from WWE. That was not the plan as of Friday afternoon.

During the SummerSlam recap on the Bryan and Vinny show, Bryan Alvarez noted that it was still going to be a "Hair vs. Hair" match as of Friday but the stipulation was changed on Friday afternoon. No reason was given for why the stipulation was changed.

"It was going to be hair vs. hair and then on Friday afternoon, they rewrote SmackDown twice," Alvarez said. "By the time all was said and done they changed it to a hair match to a career match, Loser Leaves WWE. I was told that afternoon it would make sense on Sunday. Well, Sunday is now over and it makes no more sense than it did on Friday. I have absolutely no f*cking idea why they did a Loser Leaves Town Match. I presume that Sonya is gonna be off for a while to deal with this issue and then she'll come back. I pray she's not gone forever because she's a highlight of SmackDown and her promos are unbelievably great. They worked their asses off in this match."

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Presumably, Deville is taking time off to deal with the court case against her stalker but no one has confirmed that. Alvarez went on to say that Vince McMahon still wants to do a Hair vs. Hair match so we could a storyline pointing in that direction soon.

Alvarez said, "Apparently Vince still wants to do a hair match so if you see them shoot angles that look like they're leading towards a hair match well, there you go."

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