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Vince McMahon to decide who gets full control of Raw

As many of you saw on Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Vince McMahon will announce whether Stephanie McMahon or Triple H will get control of Monday Night Raw. That decision will be made at Sunday’s WWE Payback show.

WWE is playing up the storyline as if there’s a question over who has control over the brand since WrestleMania. The storyline hasn’t made much sense since Shane McMahon was only supposed to get control over the show if he had defeated The Undertaker at Mania. However, Shane has been in control thanks to “overwhelming support” from fans on social media.

I guess we’ll find out what the next chapter will look like in this storyline. As we noted over the weekend, the plans are for Shane to feud with Triple H going into the Summer. Triple H and Shane McMahon have not been in a segment together yet since Shane’s return to the company in February.

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