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Vince McMahon to “murder” Hornswoggle in storyline was once pitched by former WWE writer

An interesting storyline pitch from a former WWE writer has surfaced online that dates back to 2007.

At this time, WWE did an “illegitimate son” storyline between Hornswoggle and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Former WWE writer and producer Brian Gewirtz recently sent out a photo on Twitter that was an old WWE booking sheet. A former writer had pitched an angle where Hornswoggle’s murder would be by the hands of McMahon.

The idea behind it was that McMahon couldn’t deal with Hornswoggle anymore thus he killed him by putting him in a pillowcase and throwing him off a bridge. Even at the time, the writer noted how the angle is morbidly and highly unlikely ever to be used.

Obviously, the angle didn’t happen. Gewirtz revealed that while he’s not sure which writer actually came up with the idea, it’s likely that it never got to McMahon.

“Nowadays evenings are reserved for finally cleaning out closet. I don’t know which writer came up with this nearly 13 years ago and I can pretty much guarantee it didn’t make it to Vince but you got to admire someone who swings for the fences.”



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