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Vince McMahon upset with Raw ratings, changes made to WWE TV shows

If you are a fan that watches Raw hoping that the product will improve, there might be some good news for you because there have been talks about making changes to the shows. The company will publicly downplay the ratings when they are low but Vince McMahon was upset with the record low viewership for the 9/27 show. It’s funny because everyone knew that the show would get hammered by the Presidential Debate but McMahon was still upset with the number.

The bigger problem with the Raw viewership is that they’ve slowly dipped over the years but they’ve dropped far more than expected for the current football season.

On this week’s episode of Raw, when Rusev kicked Roman Reigns into the crowd, Michael Cole said that he was kicked into the “WWE fans.” The word “fans” was replaced by the “Universe” term several years ago but it was dropped this week and it was not a mistake on Cole’s part. The idea is that they realize that some of the verbiage is brutal to listen to so they are attempting to make changes. Will these changes stick? With WWE, you never know but it’s good to hear that they are trying.

This week’s Raw rebounded but they are still well below average from what they used to get during football season.

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