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One of the big news items to come out of last night's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view was the babyface turn of Becky Lynch.

The idea to turn her heel a year ago wasn't universally praised and last night appeared to be a course correction by Triple H. Lynch will now work alongside Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair and perhaps one other woman in a feud against Dakota Kai, IYO SKY and Bayley.

During a audio show, Wade Keller confirmed that the decision to turn Lynch back to a babyface was not in the plans just a couple of weeks ago before Vince McMahon resigned as CEO of the company.

Keller said, "I can now confirm Becky was not gonna turn if Vince McMahon was still in control. That was a Paul Levesque call. I just got confirmation on that. She would have been a heel as we're talking right now if McMahon was still running things. So, one big change early on there."

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Expect to see more changes in the coming weeks and months as McMahon's storylines end and Triple H's vision comes more into focus. We could also see more released WWE stars returning as well, especially names that Triple H was high on. Click here and here for news on two names that are open to returning to the company now that Vince is gone.

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