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Vince McMahon wants to push new stars on WWE TV



There is a change happening in WWE, at least for the immediate future.

As noted many times, Vince McMahon has resisted pushing some of the wrestlers that Paul Heyman wanted to push for various reasons. Many of the names that Heyman wanted to push were younger wrestlers.

It was reported this week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that McMahon now wants to focus on pushing new talent because with WrestleMania being over and some wrestlers missing due to COVID-19 and other reasons, McMahon feels that this is the time where they have to make new stars. This contradicts what they are actually doing right now with names like Big Show and other veteran talent being pushed on TV in recent weeks.

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WWE has no choice but to start making new stars with names like Edge, Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch not available right now for different reasons.