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Vince McMahon was not happy about AEW being mentioned on WWE Raw

Sami Zayn Vince McMahon

There have been conflicting reports circulating about what exactly happened during the "Electric Chair" segment on Monday Night Raw when Sami Zayn mentioned AEW. Some have said that the segment was scripted while others in the company are adamant that Zayn was not supposed to mention AEW. Bryan Alvarez cleared things up on Wrestling Observer Live.

Basically, what happened was that the AEW reference was in the original script but it was supposed to be taken out. AEW was not in the final script but Zayn was under the impression that he was supposed to mention AEW. When he mentioned them, Vince McMahon was not happy about it.

"What I know for sure is Sami was under the impression that he was supposed to say that line," Alvarez said. "He did not go into business for himself. He did not decide that it would be something edgy. He was told that the line was okay. By the time Raw went on the air, that line was not okay and however things happened, they happened but Vince was absolutely furious that the line made television. He did talk to Sami Zayn afterward. I don't know what was discussed but that's the story of what happened on Monday."

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For whatever it's worth, WWE has been teasing doing another "Electric Chair" segment on Monday with a different guest. I am betting that the writers will be extra careful to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.