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Vince McMahon's issues with Bill Goldberg nixed previous video game talks



Bill Goldberg was first approached by 2K Sports several years ago to appear in one of their WWE 2K video games. He had been in previous video games but not as the centrally promoted name on the game. The deal for WWE 2K17 was made about three weeks ago and both sides were told to keep everything a secret until the commercial aired on Raw. We had heard earlier in the day that the "hatch" teasers would be for the video game but we didn't know about Goldberg's involvement.

As noted on Tuesday, Goldberg's deal is with 2K and not WWE but this could open the door for WWE and Goldberg to work together. The hold up in previous years with 2K and Goldberg was from Vince McMahon's side. McMahon and Goldberg didn't leave on good terms in 2004 and, at the time, Goldberg was on a $1 million deal with limited dates. Goldberg has said in interviews that he was not a fan of the raunchy product and Dave Meltzer reported that The Rock was the one who pushed for WWE to sign Goldberg in 2003 so that they could do three-match program. The idea was for Goldberg to win the first match, Rock to win the second one and Goldberg to win the final match at WrestleMania 20. Plans changed and the second and third matches never took place because Rock's Hollywood career took off big time and a deal was reached between McMahon and Goldberg so that he could work eight dates max per month.

Just to show you how bad things were from McMahon's side, when they were in talks to sign UFC's Mike Goldberg to replace Jim Ross, McMahon wanted Goldberg to change his last name. You can never say never in wrestling and Goldberg's DVD in 2013 was a huge seller for WWE so I could see McMahon putting his issues aside and eventually doing business with him again. Goldberg, to his credit, has said that he would be willing to put issues aside and do business with WWE again.

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If they do reach a deal, then I could see three potential big matches. One would be against John Cena. Another one could be against Brock Lesnar, in a rematch from 2004 when both men were on their way out of the company. The third one could be against Roman Reigns with the hook being that both men use the spear as finishing moves.

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