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Vince McMahon's memory issues had people wondering if the headbutt from Kevin Owens was a bad idea



I talked to someone that backstage at Smackdown Live on Tuesday night and there was some concern after Vince McMahon took the headbutt from Kevin Owens. It's no secret that McMahon has trouble remembering things and that is one of the main reasons why there are continuity issues with storylines.

Dave Meltzer discussed Vince's memory issues and history of taking brutal headshots on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio:

"Vince's memory is really bad now and if you got a guy and he's 72 years old and his memory is already really bad and he's had a lot of concussions in the past, I don't think that we were strong enough on just how reckless and stupid [the headbutt was on Tuesday night]." Meltzer added, "He may not get any bad effects from this but he may. It boggles the mind honestly that he did that - that someone didn't tell him 'dude, you've had concussions.'" Meltzer figured that either no one said anything out of fear of losing their job or they did try telling him and failed to change his mind.

Meltzer added, "If this was like 10 years ago, I would still think it was stupid. Now it's just beyond stupid. It's just ridiculous. It's already done and hopefully, he doesn't pay for it later in life or sooner in life." Meltzer put over the angle but the feeling (and he is not the only person that feels this way) was that the headbutt was completely unnecessary especially at his age.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson talked about McMahon's memory issues on episode 97 of Sam Roberts' podcast. They talked about Gallows' first WWE run as Festus and how he re-invented himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling. When Gallows got back to WWE, McMahon had no idea that he used to play the Festus character.

Anderson told the story: "The best part of Festus is that we heard from Talent Relations, the head of Talent Relations, that Vince doesn’t even remember that he was Festus.” Anderson added, “we go up to the Gorilla position and they go, the guy will say - Mark Carrano will say, ‘I’m going to go tell Vince and remind him that you were Festus.’ [Gallows] goes, ‘no, stop!’ I’m like, ‘don’t tell Vince. I need this run right here.’ Like, imagine Vince, can you imagine - ‘you were Festus? Ugh... Lose now."

There have been tons of stories similar to the one told by Anderson and Gallows but that's just one of the few told publicly. Hopefully, that is the last time we ever see McMahon take a shot to the head. The goal of the angle on Tuesday was to put heat on Owens as they continue the hype for the Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy and I would argue that it would have been just as effective without the headbutt spot.

On a somewhat related note, there are plans to do another cell match at the pay-per-view. Scroll down to read more.

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WWE has plans to do another “first-ever” Hell in a Cell match

The following is thanks to Ryan Satin:

On this week's episode of Wrestling Sheet Radio, Pro Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin reveals the current plan is for New Day to wrestle a tag team Hell in a Cell match at the upcoming PPV against The Usos.

Listen to the clip by clicking below:

The full conversation can be heard on this week's episode of Wrestling Sheet Radio, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and

There have been tornado tag team Hell in a Cell matches in the past (The Undertaker and Steve Austin vs. Mankind and Kane on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 1998 and DX vs. Legacy on a HIAC PPV in 2009) but this would be the first time that the tag team championship would be defended in the cell so you can bet that they will hype this as another "first ever" HIAC match like they did last year. Last year, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks competed for the Raw Women's Championship in the first HIAC match to feature women.

As of this writing, the only matches that have been officially announced for the show are:

WWE Championship 
Jinder Mahal (Champion) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Hell in a Cell match
Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

This year's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will take place on October 8th from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI.

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