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Vince McMahon’s original plan for Bray Wyatt-Seth Rollins included a bump off the Hell in a Cell

There are some more details in the latest Observer Newsletter on the finish for the Hell in a Cell main event between WWE Champion Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

As noted earlier, the idea was that they did not want to beat Wyatt and they wanted Rollins to be the WWE Champion going into the draft so the finish you saw on Sunday is what they came up with. The reaction was not what they expected since Hell in a Cell matches are supposed to have conclusive finishes.

Dave Meltzer reported this week that the original idea for the match was for Wyatt to take a gimmicked bump off the top of the cage and he would be unable to continue the match. The match would be stopped and then Wyatt would pop up like The Undertaker and then take out Rollins with the mandible claw.

Basically, it was similar to what played out on Sunday except the part with the sledgehammer replaced the bump off the top of the cell.

Meltzer noted that there were some people in the company who were worried that they may have killed the town. The “kill the town” phrase has been used in wrestling for decades whenever a wrestling company does something to anger the fans and turn them off so much that future shows don’t draw as well. It’s a different time and the current generation of fans tend to forget bad angles quicker than before so this may not have hurt long-term business in Sacramento but there is no denying that the social media reaction was not helpful to WWE.

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