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Vince McMahon's reaction to CM Punk's interest in WWE return

CM Punk Vince McMahon

Although WWE is getting a ton of money from Saudi Arabia and their TV deals with NBC Universal (USA) and FOX Sports, wrestlers who are in talks with WWE should not expect to get a blank check.

Some names like Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson got significant raises to stay with WWE and Brock Lesnar is getting paid higher than most (or all) of the WWE roster but, as noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a limit to WWE's spending.

Dave Meltzer noted that "WWE hasn't been signing blank checks" and the wrestlers near the top of the card who have been asking for giant money have not gotten a blank check.

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Meltzer noted that people in WWE believe that Punk is looking for a blank check in order to get him to return to the company. I was told by a WWE source that Vince McMahon is no-selling all of the CM Punk rumors and while he's open to the idea of Punk returning, he would be fine if Punk chose to go elsewhere.

For what it's worth, Punk said earlier this week that he hasn't heard back from the people at FOX regarding a potential hosting gig for the WWE Backstage show. Punk has also said that he has not heard from people in WWE but he is willing to talk but indicated that WWE would have to make the first move. It's similar to what he said during his Starrcast Q&A. Triple H indicated that business is open but did not say if he would be the one make the first move.

At this point, it does not look either side is willing to make the first move but "never say never" is the old saying in wrestling and it should not shock anyone if Punk eventually signs a deal with a wrestling company. If not WWE then AEW at some point.

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