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Vince Russo believes Seth Rollins should apologize to the WWE roster for his recent comments

Former WWE, TNA and WCW creative writer Vince Russo have posted a new blog on, where he claims that Seth Rollins owes every wrestler on the WWE roster an apology. Check out an excerpt from the interview down below:

” In the ring, we move so fast. We take so many more bumps than those guys did, and we do so much more high-risk stuff. We’re athletes now. We’re not cartoon characters.”

– Seth Rollins to Men’s Journal

I can’t even imagine the backlash, or ramifications there would have  been if Vince Russo had made that asinine comment as it pertains to wrestlers “then” and wrestlers “now”. What would my punishment have been? How many people in the wrestling industry would I have had heat with? I just found out two days ago that I still have 1999 heat with Jim Duggan, because I put him in a storyline where my character  appointed him the WCW janitor in order to tarnish his good name–however, as I just stated—that was aSTORYLINE. InREAL LIFE Seth Rollins just discredited anyone who ever laced up a pair of boots by saying that they weren’t athletes—and that’s OK?!!!

And, it’s simple why Seth’s comment were accepted and not totally ripped to Kingdom Come—because that’s what the Internet Wrestling wants from wrestling today–“high-risk guys” and not “cartoon characters”–, and since they are the smallest minority with the loudest voice controlling the wrestling business these days—they are going to celebrate Seth’s “brave” statement. Meanwhile, if those who were SUPPOSED to be controlling the wrestling business today were actually doing their jobs, they would be going out and hunting  down the 5 million casual fans who NO LONGER watch professional wrestling, who would tell them what THEY WANT is VERY different.


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