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Vince Russo files order of protection against Jim Cornette

Vince Russo filed a petition for an order of protection and request for a hearing against Jim Cornette on June 16. Cornette was served at his home on Wednesday night. A copy of the order was posted on the Facebook account of Cornette’s wife Stacey and on Jim’s Twitter account.

The order, filed in the State Of Indiana (where Russo currently resides), states that Russo has been “a victim of stalking.” The order cites recent comments made on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast where Cornette mentions that he has a gift for Russo. If you want to hear what was said, click here to listen to the clip where Cornette talks about the gift.

The order states that Cornette must stay away from Russo, his wife, and place of employment. Cornette had stated on a recent podcast that Russo was not employed and that he had heard from a reliable source that he had been emailing Vince McMahon looking for work on a weekly basis. The restraining order does not list a place of employment for Russo.

I should note that Cornette has said in the past that he did not want anything to do with Russo and would rather not be booked in the same venue with him because of his strong dislike for him. He has been very clear about not wanting to do anything with Russo. Cornette has declined suggestions from Russo to debate on each other’s podcasts and an idea Russo had for a debate that can be promoted for an iPPV. Cornette’s “gift” response on his podcast came after Russo criticized him for not confronting him face-to-face.

Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff commented on the news. Both of them have also been the subjects of negative rants from Russo on social media and on his podcast.

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