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Vince Russo writes a new blog about Vince McMahon not being able to make new stars

Former WWE, WCW and TNA creative writer Vince Russo has published a new blog over on  the Chairshot Reality website about Vince McMahon not being able to make new stars in WWE. Down below is an excerpt from the blog:

When Sami Zayn first came out to the WWE Universe on a national stage . . . there was no IMPACT—the guy was presented as just “another wrestler”. I don’t care what anybody says, in a year nobody will remember that debut. Prior to that that was the Ascension—that was so laughable you “almost” have to think it was intentional. That was followed with Adrian Neville . . . WOW . . . that guy can really get height off the top. You forgot it by the next week. Then of course, this week there was Kevin Owens. A guy who looked like he just came from Gleason’s Gym, where he was training to be a “rassler”. Owens didn’t look like a star, he didn’t smell like a star, as a matter of fact he looked like a guy that could have possibly jumped the guardrail. Which reminds me—I STILL REMEMBER Hillbilly Jim when he was “presented” as “somebody” the first time we saw him on WWE TV. And, Owens dropping Cena? That did nothing but make the 115th time World Champ look bad.

All right, I can hear you already, what about Orton? What about Punk? What about them? Great wrestlers, great performers no doubt—household names? Austin/Rock/Mick/Taker/Michaels/Hart worthy? Come on, be honest with yourself. Over the last 15 years, we have seen our share of great performers in the WWE, but not 100% bona-fide superstars. And, those guys, more, or less, did it on their own. What did Vince McMahon give Randy Orton? The moniker of “The Viper”? Maybe—but, even that I doubt. What got CM Punk over to the level he was? Simple? Him sitting on the stage with a microphone and cutting a promo that only he could cut—there was no help there from Vince on that one.

You can read the entire blog here.

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