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Vince Russo writes another open letter to Vince McMahon

Vince Russo has posted a new "Dear Vince" column/letter on his website. Russo takes Vince McMahon to task for stifling the product with inconsistencies. I disagree with Russo on a lot of things but he often makes good points on the current product. Here's an excerpt:

Dear Vince,

Over the past three weeks, I have commended WWE Creative (or, whoever is actually calling the shots) on what I thought were positive steps in the right direction in the overall improvement of the show. One adjustment that really seemed to stand out was the threading of the main event story line from the opening segment, through the middle of the show, to the grand finale. In the weeks leading up to the past three shows, it just seemed as if the stage was being set in the first segment, and nothing happened for the duration of the show until we reached segment #16 — the final segment. With that adjustment alone, it has kept the majority of the audience more invested in the entire show. Kudos all around.

In conjunction with that, I also felt that much more effort was being put into the shows. There seemed to be more storylines and character development over the past three episodes leading up to last night. Again, having been a writer for you for almost five years, I don’t judge anybody on their “ideas”. Everything is subjective. What I look at is the overall effort. Was the show’s format stained by the creative team’s absolute blood, sweat and tears when the final period was struck on the keyboard? That’s all that means anything to me — the passion of being the best you can be, and the pride of turning out the best product that you are capable of.

Unfortunately, last night I felt steps were taken backwards. And again, Vince, it’s not a creative slight at all, but one rather based on heart and soul. Out of the 16 segments on last night’s show, I’ll give you seven that I think it’s fair to say the majority of the audience actually cared about:

You can read the full column by clicking here.

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