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Vince Russo’s reaction to Bruce Prichard’s podcast about him

There have been few people to enrage the general public and others in the pro wrestling community more than Vince Russo. The former WWE head writer has been the topic of conversation recently after his name was brought up by Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette on an episode to WWE Network’s “Table For 3.” To be fair, Russo’s name has never really left conversation because he’ll always have a place in the internet wrestling community but this new surge in attention was noteworthy. Jim and Eric kind of buried Russo and WWE Network had to allegedly edit a lot of the worst things they said about him.

Russo made some return comments toward Jim Cornette and Corney lost his mind on Vince. Corney went on his podcast The Jim Cornette Experience and instructed Russo to tell him the time and place and he would be there. “What happens, happens!” Cornette screamed in between obscenities and the rules of the confrontation which were “no guns, no knives, no cops.” Cornette put up $5,000 of his own money to get his hands on Russo and sounded serious.

Vince Russo came back at Cornette with a mocking “apology video” where he dismissed everything Cornette said while he read his notes off of cue cards. Vince said he didn’t need Corney’s money and he was doing just fine. Jim Cornette said Russo won on his next podcast, but we could tell the hatred between the two is still far from over.

On a recent edition of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, Bruce and Conrad focused on Vince Russo’s career for three-and-a-half hours. Co-host Conrad Thompson read from Vince Russo’s own book throughout the show while Bruce denied just about everything he said.  It was one of the best episodes the show has ever done to be honest.

Some fans asked Russo if Bruce and Conrad needed to jump on board the “I’m sorry” train for Russo and the former Vic Venom replied that he liked the Something To Wrestle With guys so no apology was needed. Conrad said he was going to do an apology video anyway. It’s probably better to be safe than sorry.

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