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Virgil defends Hulk Hogan for making racist remarks in his leaked sex tape

Former WWE and WCW star Virgil appeared on the Podnasty Podcast recently to talk about various topics. Down below are the highlights.

Defending Hulk Hogan:

“Hulk is a good man. He never did anything to me. I don’t condone racism but I know the Hulk I know is a good man that went to hospitals to talk to kids and always had good on his mind.”

His “f–k money’ catchphrase:

“F–k money is that money that you f–k with. Money you wipe your ass with. I want to sleep with every Asian in the world and have their father tuck me into bed for fun. that is f–k money. I live for f–k money. one life to live and one life to f–k.”

On his new social media persona:

“I am the greatest black man on the planet. I am the black Steve Jobs. They now know I ain’t one to play with. I ain’t lonely. I am the hottest ticket out there. I am ready to get my s–t moving and grooving to get my dream of f–k money to be real.”

His memories of winning the Million Dollar Championship at SummerSlam:

“I had sex with like 10 girls the night before SummerSlam. it got me ready to focus and crush Ted. I made it and I was the million dollar champ. I still am.”

If he could help out WWE today:

“Always. I have been on top for eight years-plus now. You can’t take that away from me. I am always ready to get paid to help.”


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