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W. Morrisey (Big Cass) has buried the hatchet with Joey Janela, Enzo Amore is working hard to improve his in-ring work

All Elite Wrestling/Impact Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling/Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling star W. Morrisey (aka former WWE star Big Cass/CazXL) was interviewed on Sean Waltman's "Pro Wrestling 4 Life" podcast. Morrisey talked about his battle with addiction, his road to recovery and making amends with the people he hurt.

He also talked about making amends with Joey Janela:

“I spoke to Joey the weekend of WrestleMania. At GCW, I did a show. I spoke with Joey, and we’re really cool, man. We buried the hatchet. That was one that I really, genuinely needed to apologize to the guy in person. I like to do things face to face. I really was looking forward to going to the show. I didn’t even know if he was going to be there. I know he’s associated. I was hoping he was going to be there. I happened to walk in, we started talking right away, and I was super happy about that. He’s cool as can be, and I appreciate him being super understanding.”

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Morrisey was asked if there are any plans of teaming with Enzo Amore in the near future:

“Not right now. We’re each doing our own thing. He’s doing great. He’s super motivated. He’s working really hard. You have to check out some of his matches he’s doing out in Texas with SWE. He’s having some really great matches. I think what has really lit a fire under him, everyone knows he can talk, everyone knows he’s one of the best of all time at talking. He can captivate a crowd. There’s no doubt about it. If anyone says differently, they’re jealous or they’re delusional. He’s always been critiqued about his wrestling. I think he’s taken that to heart, and he wants to go out there and have great matches. He really is having some bombshell matches in SWE. You can check those out. I love what he’s doing. He’s really working hard.”

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