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Wade Barrett is open to hearing offers from any wrestling promotion, including WWE

Former WWE star Wade Barrett, real name Stu Bennett, has opened up on a potential return to WWE.

The former Intercontinental Champion and leader of Nexus, did an interview with Comic Book Movie to promote his latest film, I Am Vengeance: Retaliation.

Although Barrett has mentioned in the past that he was miserable in WWE at the end of his run and currently working for the NWA as a commentator, Barrett is open to wrestling again.

In fact, in this interview, he made it known that he’s willing to listen to an offer from any wrestling promotion whether that be WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH, and Impact Wrestling.

“When I left there [WWE], I was of the opinion that I was done with working there. I was pretty angry with a couple of people from when I was working there and when I left, a couple of people in management. I think time is a great healer, shall we say, and I certainly don’t have much anger left in me in regards to that now.”

Barrett pointed out who he doesn’t have an automatic affiliation with the company itself or the people who work there. He added that he doesn’t have any ingrained loyalty where he has to jump the second they call him.

“If there were to be an offer, I would approach it as a normal business decision if it was an offer from AEW or Ring or Honor or New Japan, or anything like that. It’s simply a business decision: is it worth it, do I like the offer, do I like the pitch, do I believe what I’m being pitched is actually going to happen? That’s another big one. I would approach anything that came my way, the same I would from any other company to be honest with you.”

Barrett later stated that he does have situations that play in his head at times about the past mistakes made by WWE, but he can’t complain about how things went for him. He noted that he wished things would have played out differently and with some varied minor storyline decisions or presentations.

Barrett put over WWE for allowing him to get paid well and make a transition into a different lifestyle through films.

Barrett also talked about the film, Cody Rhodes saying that he thinks Barrett can still be a world champion and more. Check out the full interview here.

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