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Wade Barrett (Stu Bennett) on why he didn’t accept WWE’s offer to return for a Nexus reunion

Stu Bennett, aka former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, was interviewed this week on “Conversation with The Big Guy Ryback.” 

Bennett discussed his role as John Gold in the movie “Vengeance: Retaliation.” He also talked about professional wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Wade Barrett talked about NWA Powerrr: “I love pro wrestling. Whatever we do in the world, our first love will always be pro wrestling. I think we walked away from pro wrestling in 2016 with a lot of anger in our souls, but over time, that tends to dissipate and the cool thing is you start to get experiences with other companies and other forms of pro wrestling. Whatever passion that was burned down, regrows. I was very fortunate to get a call from Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan with NWA last year, looking to get me involved in commentary. I have quite the history of commentary. If you go back to FCW, I worked with Dusty Rhodes and Byron Saxton. I was the commentator for the show down there and I always loved that. That was before the world even heard who Wade Barrett was or NXT season 1. To go back and do that is fantastic. I know there is always going to be opportunities in the world of pro wrestling . I love the fact that I can choose the ones that are right for me that I’m going to enjoy. I can pick the ones that the schedule works for me.”

Barrett talked about the problems with the style of today’s wrestling: “I grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and I feel like professional wrestling back then was all about characters, storylines, and promos and they had some wrestling too. In my opinion, where wrestling has gone wrong over the last few years, is that it has become almost 99% about purely the action going on in the ring at the expense of the character work, the promos, and the craziness of the stories. In NWA, that is the biggest difference between them and any other company out there. It is all about storylines and characters. They have wrestling too, but there is more of a focus on storytelling.”

Barrett discussed the rumors of NXT being brought back to WWE for a reunion: “I did get a call about something. It wasn’t a good offer. It wasn’t a good idea for me to go back and do something like that. I shut it down very quickly. I’ve been told by other reporters if I had an interest in returning to WWE or any other wrestling company. I’m an open book. If you want to contact me with ideas like they did, I will listen to it. If it makes sense for me, if it is a good idea, if it is something I enjoy, then, maybe I will do it. If it is something that I don’t want to do, then it’s going to be a no. I’m in a fortunate position that you get to turn things down unless they work and it is something as young men, we didn’t have, and had to say yes to everything. One of the beauties of walking away and doing other things is we invested our money we made in WWE. It gives you the freedom to knock back things that don’t make sense. It is something that whenever I am angry about something that happened in the past, I balance it with that perspective of how fortunate we are to have the good things we have.”

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