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Was Paige sex tape reference in Smackdown Live battle rap planned?

When The Usos and New Day met in a rap battle on SmackDown Live it was no laughing matter. Things got serious pretty quickly in the segment hosted by Wale.

The segment was really kicked up a notch when The Usos dropped a bomb on New Day when the spouted off: “Big E, let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Just don’t get all rated-R, like your boy Xavier Woods.” (Click here if you want to see the unedited line used in the segment).

Wale was the host of the rap battle but another rapper was in the mix even though he might not have been introduced on television. Mega Ran was a part of New Day’s encourage and he recently opened up about the segment on Hip Hop DX.

Mega Ran said the idea for the rap battle was Xavier Woods’ and he had pitched the idea to WWE creative weeks ago. Ran said when he showed up to Raw they were given spec scripts and Wale was supposed to open up the contest by spitting some lines of his own but Big E said it wouldn’t work and everyone agreed it wouldn’t flow with the segment.

Mega Ran went on to say he didn’t explicitly write any rhymes for them, but he did get them some pointers on their flow.

“For everybody who’s asking me, I did not write rhymes,” Mega Ran tells HipHopDX. “I just kinda sat and listened. I helped them with their deliveries and getting down the cadence and stuff.”

Producers of SmackDown Live asked both teams to submit the lines they planned on saying to creative before the show which The New Day did. But Usos didn’t do just that as they only showed their lines to one producer backstage. So only one person in WWE officially knew what was going to be said during that rap battle. The Usos also made a point not to show New Day what they were planning to say.

The Usos lost the rap battle even though the crowd would have obviously picked them to win after dropping that bomb on Xavier Woods. Mega Ran talked a little bit more about the situation to close out the topic.

“[The Usos] were able to write rebuttal lines,” Ran revealed. “I felt it gave them an advantage. They might’ve gotten a little better crowd response, but they went a little below the belt to get it.”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Hip Hop DX

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