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Was the Trick-Or-Street Fight a bad sign for those involved?



The Club was well-known in New Japan as members of The Bullet Club and they jumped over to WWE with the intention of making a big splash. However after WrestleMania 33 when they dropped the Raw Tag Team Titles in a ladder match they haven't really come close to the top of Raw's tag team division since.

With the string of recent WWE releases, some people were under the assumption more could be on the way soon enough.

"Of course we've gotta talk about the cuts," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "Darren Young, and Emma, and Summer Rae. So Emma surprised me a little bit, I wasn't expecting that. I think it's pretty clear they made a decision late because I don't think they would've booked the Asuka matches the way they did if she was leaving that quickly."

"There's actually no reason not to squash Emma if she was about to leave," he continued. "So they had no idea she was leaving or they had no idea they were gonna make up their mind. It's like -- this isn't about her quitting this is about them deciding they were gonna cut some people and there may be more. Like I don't know, those people in that Halloween pumpkin match today, I don't know. It was kinda ominous to me."

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The speculation that Anderson and Gallows might be leaving WWE sooner than later was amplified by the fact it appears Karl Andreson and Luke Gallows both removed "WWE Superstar" from their Twitter profiles.

But a source from WWE has informed me that there is nothing to worry about in regards to The Club being the next to leave WWE. As of right now they're still in good standings and looking forward to continuing on the road with their Good Brothers on the Red Team.

So it doesn't look like Raw's Trick-or-Street Fight was any kind of ominous sign at all, instead, it looks like it was more just good clean fun. Even though the match was actually pretty messy.

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