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Was Vince McMahon really supposed to bleed on Smackdown Live?



The big story of the week in WWE was the show-closing angle between Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon on Smackdown Live. Owens' headbutt to McMahon got people buzzing online because it was a stiff shot on a 72-year-old man and McMahon has not done anything so physical in years. Also, it had fans shocked because the edict from McMahon for years has been to avoid blood because of potential backlash from advertisers.

The blood was planned and for anyone with doubts, just look back at the video and you will notice that they zoomed in on McMahon's face. WWE is known to edit out stuff that they don't want on Hulu and YouTube but this time the blood was not edited out which is a clear sign that it was planned.

Dave Meltzer talked about the angle in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter and noted that while the mechanics of the angle are unknown, most of the people in the business that he talked with believe that McMahon bladed himself before walking out to the ring and then put nu-skin on his forehead to cover it up. You can freeze frame certain parts of the video and see a difference of skin tone on his forehead so that would support the nu-skin theory.

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So, when Owens headbutted him then it would re-open the cut and lead to blood coming out. McMahon still had to take a stiff blow to the head to make sure that the cut opened up which is crazy to do at his age especially since he has a history (mostly during the Attitude Era) of taking stiff head shots.

The funny thing is that Dave Bautista was fined $100,000 several years ago during a match for Chris Jericho when the company realized that he bladed during his match. Obviously, as the owner of the company, the rules don't apply to McMahon. It is possible that the headbutt from Owens to McMahon was a hardway cut but the camera zoom and the fact that they showed it again on replays and on Hulu and YouTube would strongly indicate that they were planning on blood.

The Kevin Owens-Shane McMahon angle will continue on Tuesday night as they continue the hype leading up to the No Mercy pay-per-view.

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