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WATCH: 10 insane suicide spears from Big E that scare us every time

Big E used to have a last name (Langston) but one thing he hasn’t dropped is his insane suicide spear through the ropes. It’s really remarkable a man his size is able to get the job done so often by putting his body on the line like that.

But Big E still shocks and astounds fans all around the world every time he hits his opponents with one of his dangerous dives through the ropes. He also scares us to death by how he lands too. Sometimes Big E’s attempts in inflicting pain on his foes causes pretty devastating damage to his own body too.

Thank to Brian The Guppie, we can present you ten of those suicide dives. You can see how hard The New Day member lands in some of those spots that it’s no wonder why he would want to sit on the sidelines every now and then to allow Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to take the workload.

The New Day has a pretty important match at SummerSlam against The Usos so it might only be a short while before we see Big E pull off one of these high spots again. But to be honest, if he stopped doing his suicide spear through the ropes it wouldn’t be the end of the world and it would allow us to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Now you can enjoy these spots in a row just in case you missed them the first time because you were covering your eyes.

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